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Own transport

With more than 65 years of experience in the field of road transport, GPC logistics has been able to develop its historical activity by continuously adapting to the demands of its customers.

With its own fleet of vehicles, GPC logistics knows how to be very responsive in order to meet the needs of its customers at national, regional and inter-site shuttles, as well as the distribution or rental of vehicles with driver.

The group has its own fleet of vehicles with an integrated garage including:

Tractors and semi-trailers of type :

  • Van,
  • Van with tailgate,
  • With sliding curtains (tautliner),
  • Sliding curtains (tautliner) with tailgate,
  • Sliding curtain (tautliner) with on-board trolley,

Carriers :

  • 12-ton van with tailgate,
  • Sliding curtains in 19 tons with tailgate.

In order to ensure an exemplary level of service quality and follow-up as close as possible to its activity, all vehicles are equipped with a geolocation and information feedback system that allows us to provide our customers with the necessary information at all times.

To optimize our customer requests, we have been carrying out night shifts to historical destinations (Orléans, Lille,…) for many years, allowing us to guarantee faster delivery times.

We offer the same quality of service in sectors that we do not serve with our own resources. To do this, we rely on our charter cells and the network of carriers that we have built up throughout our experience in order to guarantee deliveries both throughout the country and internationally.

GPC logistics has been able to retain its drivers with low turnover, in order to provide the best service for its customers: knowledge of processes, customer specifications, customer/driver relations, etc.

The whole of the rolling staff is trained in rational driving as well as in safety: securing loads …

The charter

GPC logistics also has two charter cells that rely on a network of regular partners, meeting all the needs in terms of road transport of full and partial loads on:

  • International transport,
  • National transport,
  • Regional distribution,
  • And the inter-site just-in-time shuttles.

We also make our know-how available to companies for private transport with exclusive rentals of road units with drivers.

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