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Your custom-made Supply Chain

GPC logistics is a leading group in the provision of tailor-made logistics services and proposes a global offer.

With nearly 65 years of experience, the group has total control of the supply chain. It can thus offer solutions adapted to each customer.

GPC logistics guarantees :

  • Tailor-made logistics solutions for all or part of its Supply Chain
  • Multilingual teams (English, German, Italian) with a perfect knowledge of the regulations.
  • Full customization of services with a process specific to each client

The group benefits from an expertise in logistics in various fields such as food, wine and spirits, textiles, leather goods, automotive parts, packaging, electrical equipment, ….

Agri-food logistics:

The storage of food products requires specific logistics equipment, both for raw materials and finished products. GPC logistics has these facilities and offers possibilities of storage in ambient or air-conditioned with a temperature range from +6 to +20°C according to the customer’s needs, with a rigorous sanitation of its installations.
The group is able to successfully carry out all the stages of the Supply Chain, from any production site to the final delivery. Highly seasonal products are also successfully managed.

Wine & Spirits Logistics :

GPC logistics is a certified Authorized Warehouseman with unlimited bonding specialized in the storage of alcoholic beverages under suspension of excise duties: beer, cider, wine, champagne, spirits, … .
Ambient or air-conditioned storage is offered. The group also has the complementary statuses of Customs Warehouse and National Export Warehouse.

The group is committed to :

The quayside consolidation of goods destined for the French or export markets (EEC and Third Countries)
The management of removals in all French or foreign wine-producing regions: EEC (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Germany, Hungary…) and Third Countries (Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia…).
B2B and B2C order preparation, packaging and copacking operations
Management of all customs and excise formalities.

Fashion logistics:

In this field, GPC logistics offers a turnkey service: supply of goods, reception control, storage, preparation of retail or web orders (flat or suspended handling, packaging…), fashionning, … .
A highly qualified staff is guaranteed to accompany the partners in the realization of their productions. Logistic solutions also exist for e-commerce, logistics, B2B and B2C returns (reverse logistics) and management of old collections (outlets).

Our assets that make the difference:

  • A great reactivity and a quick start of your activity thanks to a team of motivated and available collaborators,
  • A personalized service and a relationship followed at each step, from shipping to delivery with systematic feedback,
  • An operator capable of meeting the challenges of omnichannel sales,
  • Professionals committed to the environment, safety and security.

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