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Quality and Environment


Since June 28, 2019, the subsidiary GPC Logistic & Overseas is certified AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) under the FR AEOF certificate number 00165335, to succeed Stralog Transports, following the demerger, which was one of the first French companies to be certified AEO in October 2009. This is a certification of confidence in the framework of customs operations carried out on the whole community territory. This title grants advantages both at an European Union and international scale. AEOs thus benefit from simplified customs clearance operations and facilities relating to customs controls on entry into and exit from the Community.

The subsidiary GPC Logistic & Overseas is also a member of IATA, the International Air Transport Association and as such benefits from the CASS (Cargo Account Settlement Systems). As a result, the air transport subsidiary is recognized as reliable by all international airlines.

Within the framework of monitoring the quality of our installations and their various equipment, the technical managers ensure the control of the various maintenance companies which intervene under contract for the maintenance of the sites: air-conditioning, heating, sanitation, handling carts, dock doors, dock levellers, anti-intrusion systems, video surveillance, fire extinguishers, armed fire networks, sprinkler systems, fire doors, smoke extraction hatches, thermography and control of electrical installations, etc….


Since September 2010, the GPC logistics group has been committed to reducing CO2 in its road transport activity. Various actions have been put in place:

  • The training of drivers to rational driving,
  • Individual monitoring of vehicle consumption,
  • Route optimization,
  • The implementation of smooth trailers to optimize loads to reduce the carbon footprint,
  • The acquisition of traffic assistance tools,
  • Rigorous monitoring of the tire fleet,
  • The progressive renewal of the road fleet …

The logistics platform in Troyes is fully equipped with a sprinkler system that complies with the operating permit under headings 1510 and 1511. Every week, this installation is checked by trained and authorized personnel. It is also equipped with fire doors, fire extinguishers, smoke extraction hatches and RIAs (Armed Fire Network) that comply with the standard in force and are also subject to periodic inspections.


As part of its environmental approach, GPC logistics strives to sort waste on its various sites to facilitate recycling and reduce the carbon footprint. In particular( for this specific activity) , an entire waste sorting platform has been created in Troyes. In Molsheim, the group has recently invested to replace all lighting with low-energy LEDs. Local suppliers are also favored to minimize the carbon footprint. When it comes to packaging, environmentally friendly supplies such as chips and kraft are also a priority.