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Quality and Environment


GPC Logistic & Overseas has the AEO label (Authorised Economic Operator) since October 1st, 2009 which allows to benefit from simplifications for customs clearance and facilities relating to customs controls, regarding the Safety and Security at the entrance or exit of the Community. An AEO is a trustworthy trader as part of customs operations he performs on the entire EU territory and therefore is entitled to receive certain benefits across the EU as well as internationally.

GPC Logistic & Overseas also has the IATA (International Air Transport Association) who vouches for air transport. As a result the airline is considered reliable by all international companies.

Our warehouses and their installations are regularly followed by the technical managers who manage the various maintenance companies that come under contract for the maintenance of the sites: air conditioning, sanitation, handling trolleys, platform doors, leveling platforms …


GPC Logistics has been involved in the reduction of CO² in road transport since September 2010 and has undertaken various actions:

  • Driver training for rational driving,
  • Individual monitoring of vehicle consumption,
  • Optimization of routes,
  • The installation of flatbed trailers to optimize loads to reduce the carbon footprint,
  • The acquisition of tools for assistance with the circulation,,
  • Rigorous monitoring of the tire park,
  • Improving the renewal of the road fleet …

Our logistics warehouse in Troyes is fully equipped with a sprincklage system in accordance with our authorization to operate under headings 1510 and 1511. This installation is subject to a weekly inspection with group tests by trained and authorized personnel. It also has fire doors, fire extinguishers, smoke evacuation doors and RIA (Armored Fire Network) meeting the standard in force which is also subject to periodic inspections.

Our logistics warehouse and their installations are regularly checked by the technical managers who manage the various maintenance companies that come under contract for site maintenance: sprincklage, anti-intrusion system, fire extinguishers …


Our various logistics and transport sites are working to sort the waste to facilitate their recycling by specialized providers. We favor local suppliers to minimize our carbon footprint and refer to ecological supplies for our packaging: chips, kraft …