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Sea Freight

Our agency, located in Le Havre, specialises in international maritime transport for both imports and exports, with a particular focus on Asia, India and the United States.

It is an authorised economic operator (O.E.A.) “Customs Simplification / Security and Safety” We have solutions to manage your shipments in full containers, groupage, door-to-door, express, port / port.

We carry out the following operations on import and export:

  • Support according to the terms of sale (Incoterms CCI 2010),
  • Management of the use of documentation,
  • The consolidation of customized containers,
  • The organisation of transport modes on the final route: multimodal, road….

as well as at the customs level:

  • Management of the customs classification of goods,
  • The establishment and management of import and export declarations,
  • The processing of customs visits….

We are particularly committed to offering our customers a personalized service, with control at every stage from shipment to delivery and to be able to inform our customers.

We are also a service provider carrying out coordination activities between our shipper customers, their end customers and the various players in the supply chain. This service allows our various shipper, producer or distributor customers to have a complete service organised by a single contact person, a dedicated team, and thus to benefit from a global and integrated service for the flow of their goods, accompanied by information.

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