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History of the event

September 1999

Pascal CARRIER takes over the General Management of FEIDT Transports and PACLET Logistics.

January 2000

Fusion of the companies FEIDT Transports and PACLET Logistics whose corporate name becomes FEIDT Transports et Logistique.

May 2001

Creation of the FTL Financial Holding of which Pascal CARRIER takes 47% of the shareholding.

May 2001

Acquisition of the company FEIDT Transports et Logistique by the FTL Financial Holding

July 2004

Pascal CARRIER buys all the shares of FTL Financial Holding and takes the Chair

May 2005

The FTL Financial Holding changed name to: Groupe Pascal CARRIER S.A.S. whose trade name is GPC Logistique

January 2006

Establishment of the GPC Logistique structure

Juin 2006

Acquisition of real estate at 2, rue du gibier in Molsheim (67)

February 2009

Acquisition of the company Stralog Transports in Troyes (10) by Groupe Pascal CARRIER S.A.S

January 2011

Harmonization of the logos of the Group’s companies:

Groupe Pascal CARRIER S.A.S. Holding

FEIDT Transports et Logistique S.A.S.

Stralog Transports

The employees of the group companies are now federated under the same banner: GPC Logistique.

January 2018

For better recognition at the international level, the GPC Logistique brand becomes GPC logistics with a new graphic charter, highlighting its recognized expertise of tailor-made know-how with a signature:

July 2019

Opening of the 4th logistics site in Torvilliers with 1 cell of 2,334 m² and extension in September 2019 with an additional cell of 2,332 m².

December 2019

Demerger with retroactive effect as of January 1, 2019 from Stralog Transports to the sister company GPC Logistic and Overseas SAS. As a result, all the personnel and operating activities of Stralog Transports SAS have been transferred to the company GPC Logistic and Overseas SAS.

January 2022

Michaël CARRIER takes over the General Management of GPC Logistics Group.

October 2022

Extension of the Torvilliers site with a 3rd cell of 2,470 m².

July 2023

Opening of a 5th logistics site of 10,500 m² in Pont Sainte Marie.