Corinne DHION

For which services do you use GPC logistics?

La Martiniquaise has been working with GPC logistics for at least 5 years. We have been using their services to install tax strips on our spirits destined for Ukraine to ensure that they enter the country in full compliance.

In concrete terms, GPC logistics organises the collection of our orders from our warehouses and sends them to their Trojan structure where they affix the Ukrainian excise duty stickers. It is our customer who picks up his order directly from GPC logistics.

The mission of GPC logistics for La Martiniquaise is therefore twofold: a transport management part and a bottle service part with the installation of excise tax labels.

What are GPC logistics’ strengths in these specific missions?

We have been using their services since our order volumes have become too high to handle them ourselves. GPC logistics saves us valuable time. Similarly, this outsourcing allows us to focus on other missions, while having the assurance that the work will be perfectly executed. This time saving is essential in the field of logistics.

We are very satisfied with the services provided by GPC logistics. We obviously appreciate their great reactivity, which is one of their assets, but also the quality of their work and their seriousness. The deadlines are always scrupulously respected and they demonstrate a true philosophy of a job well done.

If, during their mission of installing the tax strips, they notice an irregularity, they inform us and take care of bringing the product into conformity. This is an initiative that we greatly appreciate. They perfectly manage the hazards of everyday life by adapting to our fluctuating order schedules.