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Flow Logistics

Our integrated information systems, allows us to adapt to the needs of our customers and insure the service quality. Web access reserved to our customers allows them to track the progress of goods throughout the supply chain operations entrusted to us and to create reports and statistics as desired.

Reception :

  • Management of expected receipt in our system: integration through standardized EDI, by email or attachment,
  • Unloading trucks and containers on pallets or in bulk,
  • Qualitative and quantitative control according to your needs and specifications,
  • Device management: piece, sub packaging, parcels, pallets Europe or lost, 100 x 120, wooden boxes, rolls, …,
  • Entry by scanning with mobile terminals: scan EAN13, scan EAN 128, scan SSCC and traceability: BBD, batch number, serial number, …
  • Repackaging, palletizing, and filming, cross docking,
  • Customized reporting of receptions: EDI or by email.

Storage :

  • Inventory management according to specifications: FIFO, LIFO, batch number traceability, management of BBD, SSCC and serial number,
  • Exchange of EDI messages, standardized or not for stocks and inventories.

Preparation of orders :

  • Analysis of the backlog of our customers: identifying needs, requests for production, planning, scheduling,
  • Managing the preparation of orders in our system: standardized EDI integration, by email or attachment,
  • Picking the piece (for e-commerce), the package or pallet, with RF terminals,
  • Custom packaging: labeling, repacking, packaging, filming,
  • Control of cargo in bulk or on pallets,
  • Creation of delivery note,
  • Customized reporting of despatches: EDI or by email

Shipping :

  • Organization and management of freight transport by charter cell: international, national, regional, with or without appointment, …
  • Synchronised delivery.

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