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Air-conditioned warehouse logistics

At our Troyes – Lavau site, we have three 5,000 m² cells air-conditioned by convection, which make it easy to guarantee that the temperature is maintained within your prescribed range of 6°C to 20°C. Each cell has four probes placed at different heights, which allow continuous monitoring of the temperature and hydrometry of the warehouse. The tracking system allows us to have alerts and immediately rectify the situation if we have to reach the minimum and maximum tolerances defined in our customers’ specifications.

Our platform and its installations are regularly inspected by the technical manager who manages the various maintenance companies that operate under contract for the maintenance of the site: air conditioning, sprinkler systems, industrial trucks, anti-intrusion systems, fire extinguishers, dock doors, levelling platforms…

Our logistics platform is fully equipped with a sprincking system in accordance with our authorization to operate under headings 1510 and 1511. This installation is subject to weekly inspection with group tests by trained and authorized personnel. It also has fire extinguishers that comply with the standard in force and are also subject to periodic inspections.

We have also implemented a sanitation plan to control pest risks related to rodents and insects. To do this, we have set up non-toxic pheromone traps, insect repellents and rodent traps outside buildings. The maintenance of these installations is carried out by a specialised company and is the subject of intervention reports.

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