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Custom packaging or copacking makes it possible to group products, identical or different, in a common packaging, in order to reduce order preparation time and transport costs. Copacking is particularly suitable for batch sales or paired sales operations.

By proposing copacking, GPC logistics is committed to its customers to facilitate their business operations by providing them with a custom packaging solution on the same site as the storage of goods. Accurate follow-up of every step of the process, from reception to packaging, copacking GPC logistics helps to optimize your marketing strategies.

We customize the finished products to meet the demand of your customers, for example:

    • Making boxes or displays,
    • The podium assembly,
    • The assembly of lots,
    • The display,
    • The constitution of boxes,
    • Put in a case,
    • The creation of gift baskets associating different types of products,
    • Kitting (constitution of specific lots).

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