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Customs formalities

GPC logistics acts as a customs broker. This service is integrated into our branches and makes it easier for you to send goods worldwide.

The customs department of GPC logistics has the following resources at its disposal:

  • Confirmed customs declarants,
  • Customs clerks,
  • Bonded warehouses: storage under type A, MAE, MADT, alcohol approval
  • Customs administration tools via AP+, DELTA and SOne software.
  • The Sanitary and Phytosanitary Administration (PIF – PEC) in Le Havre.
  • The status of authorised economic operator (O.E.A. FR N°0000000063) “Customs Simplification / Safety and Security” obtained in 2009,
  • A close relationship with the Regional and General Customs Directorate,
  • The global collection credit,
  • And the Early Customs Clearance procedure, valid only in Le Havre.

Our experts in customs formalities advise you on a daily basis on:

  • Binding tariff information (BTI): to improve your trade and tariff strategy, customs helps you in the classification of your goods,
  • The Customs Value Notice (CVA) to allow you to properly value your goods.

They provide the following services on a daily basis:


At import:

  • Release for consumption: customs clearance on arrival, payment of duties and taxes,
  • The preparation of Declarations of Exchanges of Goods (DEB),
  • Bonded storage: placing the goods in a bonded warehouse, security only for duties and taxes, possibility of splitting the lots for partial customs clearance when leaving the warehouse,
  • Transit under customs control: transfer of your goods under customs control from a customs office to France and the European Union,
  • Temporary admission: admission of your goods into the territory free of duties and taxes, for processing, repair, pending its re-export,
  • Inward processing: import of raw materials free of duties and taxes for processing and re-export to a third country of the finished product (keeping of stock records and approval),
  • End-use: customs clearance of a product free of or reduced by customs duties for processing (quota / end-use authorization / material accounting),
  • The implementation of the Home Customs Clearance Procedure (HCP) and the Single Customs Clearance Procedure (SCP) for some customers.


For export:

  • The complete customs clearance: final export,
  • Clearance: customs procedure at the office of exit following a complete customs procedure established upstream,
  • Temporary export: export of your goods to a third country pending its reimportation,
  • Outward processing: export of raw materials to a third country for processing before re-importing the finished product with differential import taxation (keeping of stock records and approval),
  • The implementation of the Home Customs Clearance Procedure (HCP) and the Single Customs Clearance Procedure (SCP) for some customers

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