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At GPC logistics, combined transport means the combination of at least two modes of transport within the same logistics chain in which there is no change of container, in the same Intermodal Transport Unit (ITU: a container, a swap body, a semi-trailer) whose journeys are made by:

  • railways, inland waterways or short sea shipping (cabotage) for main routes,
  • route for initial and/or terminal routes.

Combined transport combines the advantages specific to the different modes of transport:

  • the railway or waterway capable of transporting large quantities over long distances,
  • the efficient road for collection and distribution over short and medium distances.

Combined container transport:

Combined transport of river/road containers :

Combined rail/road transport:

We are developing this concept of combined transport, which is a way of committing to an environmental approach by enabling us to better meet your expectations in terms of competitiveness: risk management, impact reduction, cost reduction, axis decongestion, energy savings and participation in the necessary effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.