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The Food-processing

GPC logistics provides customized logistical services specialized in food-processing and is able to manage the different stepsof your supply chain.

We purpose necessary equipments for the storage foodstuffs in ambient (21,000 m²) and air conditioning (15,000 m² between 14° and 18° C).We are also able to accomplish all your supply chain step by step, even for high seasonality products, from your producers – whatever the country may be – to the final delivery.

GPC logistics ensures the turnkey “food-processing logistics” through the following services :

Our Overseas agencies are able to both import and export of you :

  • Organize freight transports from the production sites to their place of storage,
  • Manage customs operations: customs freight classification, declarations of importations and exportations, customs controls…, …
  • Transport goods from ports and airports to our warehouses.

Our “road freight” and “forwarding agent” services are also able to organize your upstream flows, from your plants to our warehouses, as well as you downstream flows, including the management of the appointments.

Our logistical platforms ensure you the whole operations necessary to the good management of your needs :

  • The receipt of foodstuffs in containers or other means of transport,
  • The quality and quantity control of the goods received,
  • Input by scanning with portable terminals,
  • Stock management according to your specifications: FIFO, LIFO, BBD, SSCC…,
  • Pick orders according to the chosen unit: item, parcel, pallet… and packing,
  • Creation and edition of labels (bare code or other),
  • Affix labels on different kind of supports for compliance with legislation,
  • E-commerce logistics.

Our expertise, complemented by a sectorial approach ensures smooth functioning of the global supply chain and guarantee the delivery of goods in the best conditions of time, cost and reliability.

Copacking :

Our adaptability and responsiveness allows us to offer many additional services for storage, such as the qualitative sorting according to your specifications, labeling, packing or unpacking, box making, podium assembly, reverse logistics, the constitution of gourmet baskets, lots, display, kitting …….

En proposant du copacking, GPC logistics s’engage auprès de ses clients à faciliter leurs opérations commerciales en mettant à leur disposition des solutions de conditionnement à façon personnalisées.

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