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Air freight

Sea freight


Customs’ formalities


Labeling, barcodes, palletizing, filming, …



Exchange of computer data

Managing relationships with your suppliers

Management of your orders

Document Management

Consolidation or grouping

Boarding Management

Track your goods

Through a dedicated team, and a major contact, the GPC Logistics department allows you to develop added value (Value Added Services) on your international flows, through multimodal transport, air, sea, rail, road and fluvial.

The Overseas department offers you a global service for all types of goods:

  • Groupage,
  • Conventional,
  • Complete containers,
  • Customized containers,
  • Bulk (Break bulk).

Because each partner is unique, has its own requirements and objectives, GPC logistics studies the needs and requirements of your international flows, to offer you a tailor-made service, so that you are present and competitive on the international market.

GPC logistics integrates all the modules of the Supply Chain into its panel of services, namely the handling of goods from the place of production to the final destination, through our presence and network on the five continents.

Our GPC logistics experts are able to carry out on your behalf:


  • Air and sea freight,
  • The management of your shipments,
  • The management of your relationships with your recipients and suppliers,
  • The management of your orders,
  • Document management,
  • Real-time tracking of your goods (track & trace),
  • The pre- and post-carriage of your goods,
  • Insurance,
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI),
  • Statistics and performance indicators (KPIs),
  • Storage, long-term storage in free and in bond,
  • Handling (palletizing, container stuffing, container unloading), wrapping, labelling, weighing…
  • Customs formalities (release for consumption, release for free circulation, temporary import, transit under customs control, final export, temporary export), monitoring of customs regulations and classification of your goods.

In order to free up time for your teams and employees, GPC logistics manages all the essential steps for you to get your goods through.

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