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Warehouse Logistics

GPC logistics have 48.136 square meters of warehousing space at our various sites:

  • Molsheim (67): 7.000 square meters with a storage capacity of 9.000 EPR (location pallet rack) of which 2.000 square meters are air-conditioned,
  • Lavau (10): 20.000 square meters with a storage capacity of 23.000 EPR of which 15.000 square meters are air-conditioned,
  • Saint Julien lès Villas (10) : 4.000 square meters with a storage capacity of 5.100 EPR.
  • Torvilliers (10): 7,136 quare meters with a storage capacity of 5,602 EPR.
  • Pont Sainte Marie (10) : 10.000 m²

Our site in Troyes – Lavau is secure: fire alarm, sprinkling, control and recording of the inputs / outputs, intruder alarm, access to the interior of buildings by electronic badge, video surveillance system to record the inputs / outputs vehicles and people. These systems are regularly checked by specialized maintenance companies under maintenance contracts.

He is an approved bonded warehouse, national warehouse and export excise warehouse for wines and spirits. It has the following statutes:

  • Approved Warehouse (EA) for the storage of wines and spirits,
  • Customs bonded warehouse (ESD),
  • National Export Warehouse (ENE).

Classification : our warehouse meets the standard CIEP (Classified Installation for Environmental Protection) sections 1510 and 1511 and complies with current legislation.

Storage Modes :

  • Storage rack standards : pallets 80 x 120 or 100 x 120,
  • Mass storage,
  • Ground storage for non-standard goods,
  • Storage for textiles: flat and on a hanger,
  • Storage locker.

Inventory management :

  • Inventory management is performed on the information system Infolog (WMS: Warehouse Management Systems),
  • The flow control is achieved by radio-frequency,
  • We create a custom labeling of each pallet or package before storage,
  • La gestion des picking peut se faire à la pièce, au sous-conditionnement ou au colis,
  • Management of picking can be to the unit, the sub-package or packages,
  • Our logistics labels comply with the GS1 standard and can be personalised, as can our delivery notes,
  • Inventories are performed on-demand: rotating or periodically (biannual, annual).

Traceability and data storage:

  • Our customers benefit from a portal of secure access and real-time inventories and movements,
  • We store the historical data on a six month rolling basis, (with the possibility to change for a twelve month rolling basis), which integrates the life of each product in our warehouse,
  • The stock movement is automated according to thecustomer needs, by email or EDI standardized.

Flow of information:

  • We are able to implement EDI (Electronic File Interchange) with our customers to manage master data, receptions, order picks, shipments and inventories.
  • To customers who wish, we open a secure access, via a web portal, for the consultation of their stocks and their movements of merchandise.


Our adaptability and responsiveness allows us to offer many additional services for storage, such as the qualitative sorting according to your specifications, labeling, packing or unpacking, box making, podium assembly, reverse logistics, ….

By proposing copacking, GPC logistics is committed to helping its customers facilitate their business operations by providing customized packaging solutions.

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