GPC logistics is in charge of road transport for Auchan, can you tell us more about this collaboration?

GPC logistics is our oldest carrier, so we have a well-established collaboration with them. GPC logistics is responsible for the road transport of non-food products to the Illkirch, Strasbourg and Schweighouse stores on behalf of Auchan. On site, the carrier also participates in the unloading. We work daily with GPC logistics because at least one delivery truck has to leave every day. In peak periods, up to three GPC trucks per day are mobilized to provide transport. In average, each truck contains between 20 and 25 pallets, this can amount to 33 pallets. Auchan’s non-food activity is a highly fluctuating and seasonal sector, so it is necessary to regularly readjust the number of transports and correctly anticipate.

You are one of GPC logistics’ oldest customers, what are the assets that convinced you?

GPC logistics is a truly reliable partner. We can fully rely on their skills and know-how and trust them with closed eyes to ensure the transport of our volumes on these routes. This reliability depends on the quality of service, consistency in their work and also on the quality of the equipment used. Indeed, GPC logistics’ fleet of trucks and semi-trailers stand for a sure value for the transport of our products, which is essential to ensure safe delivery.

GPC logistics road hauliers are on time, and at the slightest doubt or concern, they are always reachable and responsive, which is an undeniable asset. I have two privileged contacts within GPC logistics and depending on my needs, I turn to one or the other. They have been able to provide a relevant and appropriate answer to our questions in each particular situation.