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Secured warehouses

In terms of safety and security, the subsidiary GPC Logistic & Overseas is certified AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) under the FR AEOF certificate number 00165335, to succeed Stralog Transports, following the demerger, which was one of the first French companies to be certified AEO in October 2009 under the FR number 00000063. The site thus benefits from customs simplifications, safety and security.

A register of visitors’ entries and exits is kept up to date in the company’s reception area. Each visitor, his or her arrival time and the person visited are recorded.

An intruder alarm system is also in place at the Group’s various sites. In the event of an alarma monitoring body is informed and notifies the person on call. If this person cannot be reached, the organization is instructed to call one of the site managers according to a well-established order. In the extreme case where no one answers, a security guard is automatically sent to the site.

GPC logistics uses the software information systems WMS Infolog and ITEM Stock. These tools are perfectly adapted for all logistic services activities. Only users with an access code can connect to them. Each access is assigned and monitored by the network administrator. Users only have access to data concerning their customers.

Regarding data protection, a daily backup system copies the information to a second server, far from the computer room. A firewall to prevent access by a malicious person is also used. The network administrator is continuously working to prevent data hacking.

The logistics platform in Troyes Lavau is fully equipped with a sprinkler system that complies with the operating permit under headings 1510 and 1511. Every week, this installation is checked by trained and authorized personnel. It also has fire doors, fire extinguishers, smoke extraction hatches and RIAs (Armed Fire Network) that comply with the standard in force and are also subject to periodic inspections.

A video surveillance system was also installed and records all visitor and vehicle entries and exits on the site, as well as the interior of the buildings. These installations can be upgraded upon request by the clients to meet their requirements.

Inside the storage buildings, access is by means of a personal electronic badge. Only members of the management team have one. No other person may access the storage buildings without being accompanied by a manager. Safety vests and shoes are mandatory inside.

Within the framework of monitoring the quality of our installations and their various equipment, the technical managers ensure the control of the various maintenance companies which intervene under contract for the maintenance of the sites: air-conditioning, heating, sanitation, handling carts, dock doors, dock levellers, anti-intrusion systems, video surveillance, fire extinguishers, armed fire networks, sprinkler systems, fire doors, smoke extraction hatches, thermography and control of electrical installations, etc….