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Secured warehouses

With regard to security, our Lavau logistics platform was one of the first French companies to be an authorised economic operator. We have held the AEO certificate since October 1, 2009 under the number FR 00000063: customs simplifications, security and safety.

To date, we keep a register of visitors’ entries and exits within the company’s reception area. Each visitor is therefore recorded at the level of his arrival time, the person visited and his departure time.

We have an intrusion alarm system with transmissions to a monitoring body that is responsible in the event of an alarm to warn the person on call. In case it is not up to date, it is recommended to call one of the persons in charge according to a well-established order. In the extreme case that he is unable to reach one of the people on the list, he is instructed to send a security guard.

A video surveillance system is in place to record all entries and exits of vehicles and people on the site. Depending on your requirements, we are able to complete this installation to best meet your expectations.

Access control inside the storage buildings is controlled by an electronic badge, which is distributed by name and only to members of the management. No other person shall have access to the interior of the buildings without being accompanied by a person in charge and wearing a safety vest and safety shoes.

Our platform and its installations are regularly inspected by the technical manager who manages the various maintenance companies that operate under contract for the maintenance of the site: air conditioning, sprinkler systems, industrial trucks, intrusion prevention systems, fire extinguishers, dock doors, leveling platforms, …

We use WMS Infolog as our software information system, which is perfectly adapted to our various logistics service activities. Only users with an access code, which is assigned and monitored by our network administrator, can connect to it. This access code also limits access to data in Infolog to only those working on the client’s file.

A daily backup system ensures data protection on a second server, which is opposite the computer room. Our network administrator also drives a firewall and continuously ensures that no malicious person can access our data.

Our logistics platform is fully equipped with a sprinkler system in accordance with our operating licence under headings 1510 and 1511. This installation is subject to a weekly inspection with group tests by trained and authorised personnel. It also has fire extinguishers that comply with the standard in force and are also subject to periodic inspections.