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The Overseas import at GPC logistics is:

  • Pro Activity and expertise at your service,
  • A dedicated operational contact, who after having taken note of your particularities, manages the collection of your goods from your suppliers on all continents with a follow-up of your goods until delivery to your sites in France and Europe according to the following steps:
  • Sending the collection confirmation to your supplier (in the case of Ex-Works),
  • Sending a boarding forecast to the port of origin and the estimated date of arrival in the final port,
  • The preparation of maritime transport documents,
  • Document flow management in collaboration with your supplier,
  • Sending a boarding confirmation,
  • The arrival forecast,
  • Receipt of original documents (if necessary),
  • Customs clearance,
  • And the delivery forecast.

We also carry out “Cross trade” on the same principle as above, i.e. departures with arrivals outside Europe. GPC logistics sets up a dedicated team for all your requests and services according to international transport rules and Incoterms in force.

Our subsidiary STRALOG Transports is an AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) at the level of customs security and safety simplification, which ensures the reliability and flexibility of our processes throughout the supply chain of your goods flows.

GPC logistics has an undeniable efficiency in the following areas:

  • From Asia to Europe,
  • From Africa to Europe,
  • From the Americas to Europe,
  • From Oceania to Europe,

Whether it is a question of:

  • Full Container Load (FCL),
  • Small batches (LCL: LessContainer Load) whether by sea or air,
  • Groupage with consolidation in the same country of origin (LCL-FCL: Less Container Load -Full Container Load),
  • Imports,
  • 20′, 40′, or 45′ containers,
  • Dry containers, refrigerated containers (Reefer) or hanger containers for clothes (GOH: Garments On Hanger).

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