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ASLOG: the leading French network of supply chain professionals

ASLOG brings together more than 400 companies from all sectors of activity around a common denominator: company performance.

The codes have changed. Distribution and consumption patterns drive and influence the marketing and sales choices of companies. Supply Chain has become a strategic function and no longer an executive one. Companies must be forward-looking and agile to meet customer satisfaction requirements and to adapt to a ever-changing economic environment.

ASLOG mobilizes company management on the major contribution of the Supply Chain to the conduct of business. The success of a company depends on a relevant Supply Chain strategy, carried out by the executive committees.

The integration of new digital technologies into logistics and supply chain processes significantly improves service quality, operation traceability and inventory management, and significantly reduces logistics costs.

The agility and resilience of organizations are fundamental. In a rapidly changing world, it is necessary to adapt in real time by developing evolving organizations.

Becoming multitasking is also an imperative to serve its customers with the same level of demand that they consume online, in stores, in a department store or simultaneously within these three distribution channels.

The Supply Chain must be more responsible than ever with regard to the health of its operators (working difficulties reduction) and the protection of the environment (the carbon footprint reduction ).

The adaptation and management of human capital is also one of the major performance drivers of logistics and supply chain functions. Helping existing teams to progress and transform, adapting training programs, and attracting new talents are the major challenges of the coming years in this area.

ASLOG’s role extends beyond our borders to promote the French Supply Chain internationally. This is why ASLOG is strengthening its links with leading associations such as LE BVL (in Germany), APICS (in the United States) and is opening “chapters” in major world cities.

For more information, we invite you to consult the Supply Chain portal:

www.aslog.fr or contact us: contact@aslog.fr