Why work with GPC logistics?

We have been working with GPC logistics for many years to support us in storage, loading and transport missions. We store several hundred pallets in their secure warehouses and regularly use their loading service. Their teams are able to advise and support us in a punctual and targeted manner, according to the requirements of our calendar and peak periods. We know that at any time we can call on GPC logistics to assist us and optimize our transport, storage and any logistics mission.

What are the strengths of GPC logistics?

At Ledvance, we particularly appreciate the high flexibility of GPC logistics. They bring a valuable help when we are faced with large volumes to be processed in a short period of time. As soon as the timing is a little tight, we turn to GPC logistics, which has always demonstrated great responsiveness and flawless professionalism. The entire team is attentive to the specific needs and offers a very appreciable personalized follow-up of each request. Our employees can thus rely on GPC’s in-depth knowledge and professionalism in this field, thus saving time and energy.