For which services do you use GPC logistics?

Ferrero has experienced strong growth over the past ten years. It was becoming essential to be supported by a logistics ally able to meet our specific needs throughout the year. We initially called on GPC logistics for our seasonal activities. Their great expertise in this field is a source of confidence because they are able to manage a flow of specific activities in key periods (for us Easter and Christmas, which represents a flow multiplied by 6).

Convinced by their know-how, we then decided to entrust GPC logistics with part of our permanent activities: order preparation (picking and pallets), copacking (integrating specific needs in Ferrero), or storage of our products.

What are the assets of GPC that convinced you to entrust them with seasonal and then permanent missions?

At GPC logistics, there is a quality of managerial culture with a staff that has been present for many years, testifying to a real know-how. The structure is on a human scale and has a customer-oriented policy, which is reflected on a daily basis in the relationship maintained with all the teams.

One of GPC logistics’ other assets is its reactivity and flexibility, allowing it to manage unexpected events with professionalism. Flexibility is essential in the conduct of our business and GPC has been able to meet our needs.