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Fashion logistics

For fashion professionals, we have logistical equipment needed for textile logistics, leather goods or shoes and are able to achieve all stages of the supply chain, from producer to stores delivery : wholesale, retail or e-commerce.

GPC logistics ensures « Personalized Fashion logistics» through the following services :

For you, our Overseas agencies are able both at import and export to :

  • Organize sea or air transport from the producer,
  • Manage customs operations: goods classification, import and export declarations, customs controls, …
  • Run the goods from the ports or airports to our warehouses.

Our logistics plateforms provide all the operations necessary for the good management of your needs:

  • Receipt of goods in containers or other means of transport,
  • Qualitative and quantitative control, fault-finding, measurement taking, pictures,
  • Packaging and put on hanger, …
  • Labelling,
  • Product storage on hanger, flat …
  • Packaging in sachets, in boxes …
  • The preparation of orders to the unit, to the parcel and the packing,
  • E-commerce logistics,

Our Road Transport and Charter Operations departments can also take care of your upstream flows, from factories to our warehouses, such as your pallet, parcel and distribution flows, and manage your appointments.


With our pool of business partners specializing in textiles, we rely on local professionals who have a qualified and trained personnel to provide the following services :

  • Alterations of defects, repairs, installation of buttonholes and buttons, to length, hem,
  • Affixing labels of texture, brand, size of grippers,
  • Silk screen printing,
  • Assistance at all stages of your productions implementation.

Our logistic platforms also ensure the logistics of returns (reverse logistics) and the management of outlets.

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