You have been working with GPC logistics for many years, for which missions do you use their services?

Importer and distributor of wines and spirits in 5 Eurasian countries, ÉLAN has been working since its creation, more than 15 years ago, with the teams of GPC logistics. With nearly 2 million bottles shipped annually to its subsidiaries today, ÉLAN needs rigorous logistics partners, able to manage the large quantities to be processed and adapt to its needs. The missions we have entrusted to GPC logistics over the years have evolved and diversified. GPC logistics essentially ensures the collection and consolidation of a significant part of our goods from our many European suppliers to their warehouse in Lavau, before their re-shipment to our subsidiaries. Recently, we entrusted them with the management of a permanent stock of approximately 300,000 bottles. We also called on them to prepare orders, in particular to stick specific labels (excise banners) to some of our products intended for highly regulated markets.

How is this collaboration with GPC logistics going?

We are very satisfied with our collaboration. GPC logistics is a reliable company, which has always been flexible and rigorous. We can fully rely on their expertise. Another strong point is the quality of the commercial relationship. We have an efficient contact who carries out a precise follow-up of each of our files, while demonstrating a high level of availability. It is an essential element in the field of logistics.