Laurence TEMIM

How can GPC logistics support Petite Mendigote in logistics missions?

Petite Mendigote sells leathercraft, shoes and ready-to-wear through a network of multi-brands, but also in its 11 shops and on its website. Our logistics needs to include storage, order preparation and routing, taking into account all the requirements and specificities that each step involves.

GPC logistics handles all our logistics, including e-commerce logistics: an average of 90,000 parts are received each season in their warehouses. GPC logistics handles all goods movements: they prepare orders, package them according to precise specifications, deliver them to our professional and web customers and to our shops. They manage returns, which involves checking the items before they are put back into stock.

GPC logistics therefore plays an essential role in the daily life of Petite Mendigote.

What does GPC logistics provides more than the other logistics key players ?

Before working with GPC logistics, we worked with a service provider that did not satisfy us for two main reasons: it was not very competitive in terms of prices and the live tracking was not trustworthy. We have now found a first-rate ally: while offering attractive prices, GPC logistics is very responsive and demonstrates perfect consistency in each mission. My GPC logistics contact, Marie-Laure Zilioli, advises and accompanies us, while being highly available to highly available to match our needs each time we need.

The teams have complete control over their activities and are able to offer precise and effective solutions. We are a team, in fact we have to exchange with them on a daily basis, so we benefit from a personalized follow-up.

GPC Strength is the essential place given to the human being. While logistical work involves a lot of handling, IT, transport, suggesting that the human has only a secondary place, GPC proves to us every day that interpersonal skills and listening are at the core of our collaboration and this is what we really appreciate!