For which missions and services does GPC logistics support you?

Technisem is an exporter of vegetable and floral seeds for Africa and the French overseas departments and territories. On the spot, partners resell our bags and seed boxes to the local people, Technisem is therefore committed to the development of companies and farmers in these countries. In average, we collaborate with GPC logistics every three months in the air transport of our goods, which can range from 10 to 30 kilos. The particularity of our products is above all their great fragility, requiring great care and caution throughout the transport process. In addition to air transport, GPC logistics takes care of all the administrative procedures  regarding the import of goods. Thanks to GPC expertise, we can entrust them the entire administrative linked to phytosanitary inspection or customs documents requiring an accurate knowledge

Would you recommend GPC logistics?

Undeniably. GPC logistics gives great importance to the tracking of goods, which is a real guarantee of quality for Technisem, whose products are fragile and require special measures to be taken for their import. The speed with which GPC logistics processes requests is a definite advantage. Our privileged contact, Cyril, takes care of everything, right away! There is a real consideration of the specificities of our goods and a great listening to our requests. Technisem is continuously works with tight schedules, which means that our employees must be very reactive and show excellent synchronization. GPC logistics fully meets this requirement by continuously anticipating our needs to respond quickly and appropriately.