For which services do you use GPC logistics?

Created in 1996, TRADAZUR is a company specialized in the import and export of beverages (wines, spirits, sodas, mineral waters). TRADAZUR is internationally oriented and exports its products to Asia and Africa.

To support TRADAZUR in export missions, we take advantage of a wide range of services offered by GPC logistics. Indeed, GPC logistics offers us an adapted logistics, including the reception of goods in warehouse, container loading, sea freight, transit and warehousing. On an ad hoc basis, we also use their services as road carrier. Managing both logistics and administration, GPC logistics takes care of the steps to set up the file for customs, and thus facilitates our shipments of goods a worldwide scale.

Why GPC Logistics stands out from the competition?

Our former logistics provider did not give us satisfaction. Indeed, the lack of communication and their low prices made us decide to look for a new partner. With GPC logistics we have discovered an organisation mode and a corporate culture that suits us in every respect. GPC Logistics’ internal organisation offers us a privileged contact and a dedicated team to manage our flows.

The importance given to “the human being” in GPC is essential and is one of the qualities we value most. The collaboration we set up with a logistics service provider must above all be based on exchange and trust. This is achieved thanks to GPC logistics through optimal communication, effectively combining professionalism and openness, to respond effectively and individually to our requests. We are not perceived as a “normal customer”, it goes far beyond that, they are real partners. GPC logistics also offers attractive rates, they are competitive and this is what we were looking for when we left our first service provider.

This perfect balance between quality of service and reasonable prices allows us today, after 1 year and a half of partnership, to say frankly that we are delighted to work today with GPC logistics.