In which situations do you resort to GPC Logistics ?

XTREM-ELECTRA is a wholesale company. GPC logistics is in charge of importing electric vehicles from Asia on our behalf on a “door to door” basis. GPC logistics takes care of the collection of goods from the supplier in China, and transports our products, managing and integrating the follow-up, such as: customs formalities specific to exports to China, maritime transport, but also the reception and temporary storage in warehouses until delivery in the Haute Garonne and on our privileged sites in France. Our products are shipped by sea in groupage containers twice a month in average according to our needs.

What are the strengths of GPC logistics?

GPC logistics is a quality partner. Benefiting from the experience and know-how of a specialised team to manage operations from A to Z is a real strength. Responsive and professional, they respect deadlines and offer quality follow-up. Whatever our requests, we know have to do and whom we have to resort to.

The other strong point is their experience in the field of logistics. It is a partner that knows what it is doing, where it is going and offers relevant and tailor-made solutions, in perfect adequation with reality in order to suit the requirements of each transport type. This expertise allows them to quickly grasp the specificities of our requests and the particularities of each situation to propose an appropriate response.

The fact of having a single provider for a set of logistics services, therefore a single invoice, allows a reduction in costs, a saving of time, but also a great logistical coherence.